The blower: the heart of the range hood!

Tecnowind is distinguished by its wide range of models, which, according to requirements, can be equipped with any kind of motor, tangential or radial, with different levels of capacity and pressure. The suction ability required depends on the dimensions of the kitchen and the method of cooking. It is important to avoid using oversized motors, which would only result in greater noise levels!
After in-depth studies by our laboratories, Tecnowind motors represent the best that technology has to offer in terms of fluid dynamics: very high performance coupled with a very low level of noise and consumption, which ensure maximum comfort in the kitchen.
Moreover, Tecnowind motors are designed and built to be cutting edge in terms of electrical safety, ease of operation and execution of maintenance works. After launching hoods with Ecodesign regulations, Tecnowind is committed to developing and presenting optimised and brushless induction motors for its own range of products in order to achieve levels from class A to class A++.